Roasted Fennel Salad with White Beans

When making a salad, I usually wind up with the same vegetables. Lettuce, tomatoes, and cucumber. That’s why I’m not really a fan of salad. But lately, I’ve been trying to vary with vegetables and one vegetable, in particular, caught my eye. Fennel. I have never eaten fennel before and thought I’d try a salad … Read more

Garden Asparagus with Tuna Steak and Red Potatoes

Today I decided to cook another favorite of mine: Garden asparagus with tuna steak and potatoes.┬áThis recipe is simple. The meal is fast to prepare easily digestible and most important: it tastes so good. This combination is just the perfect lunch on a spring Sunday. What do you need for: ‘Garden Asparagus with Tuna Steak … Read more

How Long To Cook Asparagus?

how long to grill asparagus

Green Asparagus is a healthy fibrous vegetable that goes well with many other dishes. It is easy to prepare and quite simple to cook. But how long does it take for asparagus to cook? It is also a question of taste how long to cook asparagus, as it depends on the cooking time whether asparagus … Read more

White Asparagus With Prosciutto And Red Potatoes

As it is a long time family tradition I start my personal asparagus season with my all-time favorite: white Asparagus with Prosciutto and potatoes. Originally my mum used ham, which contained more fat. I favor the prosciutto, a juicy cooked ham that is cut in wafer-thin slices. Prosciutto differs a bit from a classic cooked … Read more

Asparagus, Superfood Of The Ancient Greeks And Romans

When I was little, from the beginning of April on every Saturday, my father and I had the task of driving to an asparagus farmer and buy freshly harvested asparagus. Each Sunday there was asparagus for lunch. This went on until June 24th. This day, the ‘Saint John’s Eve’ marks the traditional end of the … Read more