What To Cook In A Slow Cooker And What Not To Cook

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Wondering what you can cook in a slow cooker? Well, you can cook almost all of the dishes you could cook in a conventional pot in a slow cooker. Dishes with meat such as stews and chilies are particularly tasty. You can also prepare delicious vegetarian or vegan meals with a slow cooker. However, with … Read more

Slow Cooker Temperature Guide

slow cooker temperature

A slow cooker differs from other kitchens especially by one feature – long cooking times at low temperatures. This method of slow, gentle cooking produces very tasty dishes.  In addition, slow cooking will preserve essential nutrients and vitamins in the food. Slow Cooker Temperature Guide Here is an easy-to-read slow cooker temperature guide that shows what is … Read more

Slow Cooker Not Hot Enough Or Too Hot?

slow cooker not hot enough

The idea of Slow Cooking is to gently heat food to a temperature below the boiling temperature of the water.  In fact, slow cookers or crock-pots have usually two or three temperature settings that regulate and maintain the cooking temperature over many hours between 65 to 95 degrees depending on the setting. Is the slow … Read more

Slow Cooker Sizes – The Bigger The Better???

slow cooker sizes

When you are on the mission of buying a slow cooker then finding the ideal size is most important. The various slow cooker sizes have different benefits depending on what dish you plan on cooking and for how many people you are going to cook. If you prepare meals only for yourself and your partner … Read more

How Long To Slow Cook Meat? Cooking Times At Low Temperature

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Slow cooking at low temperatures is a healthy and tasty way of preparing delicious meals. The low temperature between 165 F to 200 F avoids dehydration and possible toughness – the meat remains juicy and tender. The cooking time is substantially longer than at higher temperatures, but it does not require any supervision and can … Read more

What Temperature Does A Slow Cooker Cook At?

Slow cookers warm up to a temperature of least 165 Fahrenheit to a maximum of around 200 Fahrenheit. This is hot enough to kill bacteria and germs, but below the regular cooking temperature. Slow cooking food at low temperatures for a long time, changes the food in a way different from cooking at boiling temperature. Most slow … Read more

How Safe Is A Slow Cooker?

food safety, how safe is a slow cooker

Slow cooking brings out the best flavors of the food. But the low temperature of 165 to 200 degrees Fahrenheit requires cooking time to be considerably longer than traditional roasting or cooking at higher temperatures. A good quality slow cooker is what you need for this purpose, but: how safe is a slow cooker? The … Read more

Multi Cooker vs Slow Cooker, Whats The Difference?

Best Slow Cooker

Today, everyone is clamoring for food that is healthy and homemade. We want our meals to look and taste good as well as them being healthy, nutritious and serve whatever diet we are on. Most of us are not professional chefs, and so our daily lives consist of going to a non-cooking job and working … Read more

Is A Slow Cooker The Same As A Crock Pot?

goulash, beef stew, Is a slow cooker the same as a crock pot?

A slow cooker is an electric cooking pot for slowly cooking food at temperatures below the boiling point. Slow cooking at low temperatures requires much longer cooking times. Depending on the quantity, the type of food, and the selected cooking temperature, this can be between three to twelve hours. Gentle cooking destroys fewer nutrients and … Read more

Using A Slow Cooker: Tips, Tricks And Hints

Using a slow cooker: Cooking dummies, recipes, and more

Using a slow cooker is fairly straight forward. But it can not harm to know a bit more about the temperature, timer, warming function, recipes, and more. The secret to sumptuous meals is not a slow cooker brand or recipe but using it the right way. Know more about slow cookers and what to avoid so … Read more