How To Make Steak Tender – Cook The Perfect Steak

perfect steak how to make steak tender

To cook the perfect steak might not seem very complicated: briefly sear it, sizzle a little, let it rest for a while, then serve it. Unfortunately, it is not like that! Even the best piece of meat can be ruined too quickly by improper cooking. The individual cooking steps are critical to the consistency and … Read more

What Causes Meat To Be Tough?

What Causes Meat To Be Tough

When heating food, many chemical reactions take place, things in it break down and change. Proteins coagulate or denature, carbohydrates gelatinize or caramelize. These processes always take place, regardless of whether the food is cooking in a slow cooker or whether a steak is sizzling in a pan. That makes the food tasty and edible. … Read more