Slow Cooker With Latching Lid

BLACK+DECKER SCD4007 Review, black and decker slow cooker

If you have ever had to transport a slow cooker filled with a delicious dish to a potluck or a birthday party, you know the problem: if you are not super careful, something will spill out of the pot or the lid will come off completely. But that doesn’t have to happen if you use … Read more

What To Cook In A Slow Cooker And What Not To Cook

slow cooker chicken soup

Wondering what you can cook in a slow cooker? Well, you can cook almost all of the dishes you could cook in a conventional pot in a slow cooker. Dishes with meat such as stews and chilies are particularly tasty. You can also prepare delicious vegetarian or vegan meals with a slow cooker. However, with … Read more

What Are the Risks of Eating Raw Sprouts?

eating raw sprouts

What Are the Risks of Eating Raw Sprouts? By Dr. Kristie Raw sprouts are a popular topping for salads, soups and sandwiches. More often than not, people eat them for their health benefits. No wonder! Sprouts are a good source of cell-protective antioxidants. On the down side, there are some unexpected risks to eating sprouts … Read more

Is Teflon Bad For You? Non-Stick Coated Cookware

non-stick coating, is teflon bad for you

Teflon is found in every household. The advantages of Teflon coated cookware are obvious: They are usually cheap to make and much easier to clean than uncoated cookware. But those non-stick coatings can also have a negative side when not used properly. So, when is Teflon bad for you? What is Teflon? Teflon is actually … Read more

How Safe Is A Slow Cooker?

food safety, how safe is a slow cooker

Slow cooking brings out the best flavors of the food. But the low temperature of 165 to 200 degrees Fahrenheit requires cooking time to be considerably longer than traditional roasting or cooking at higher temperatures. A good quality slow cooker is what you need for this purpose, but: how safe is a slow cooker? The … Read more

Are Slow Cookers Healthy and Other Frequently Asked Questions

Are Slow Cookers Healthy

Slow cookers are basically lifesavers for so many households. These affordable kitchen appliances allow fuss-free meal preparations and easily prevent you from slaving away on the stove for hours when cooking stews and pot roasts. Therefore, they are a must-have for those who love home-cooked meals no matter how hectic their day-to-day lives can be. … Read more