Moroccan Fish Tagine

My husband asked me to cook a meal with fish and lots of vegetables. Given that I’m hooked on Moroccan food lately I searched for a recipe for Fish Tagine. Actually, I have never cooked fish in the slow cooker. The recipe for the Moroccan Fish Tagine is more complex than the Vegetable Tagine or … Read more

Caviar–A Food for the Ages

Caviar–A Food for the Ages When someone mentions caviar, what is the first thing that crosses your mind? Do you think of Russians or the bourgeois? Most people know that caviar comes from fish eggs; still, not all fish eggs are caviar. What is this delicacy? Where did it originate? How should it be served? … Read more

Krill Oil Versus Omega 3 Fish Oil Krill oil has gained a lot of popularity as a nutritional supplement in recent years. The very versatile oil which is derived from a little marine crustacean has a high content of valuable Omega 3 fatty acids. What is Krill? Krill are marine shrimp (crustaceans) of the order Euphausiacea. They are Zooplankton and are … Read more