Moroccan Chicken Tagine With Sweet Potatoes From The Slow Cooker

chicken tagine

Earlier this week I  cooked a Moroccan chicken tagine with sweet potatoes in the slow cooker. A friend I was telling about my new found affection for North African food suggested this recipe to me. The meal was very tasty, the chicken tender and juicy. And the sweetness of the dates complemented this savory dish. … Read more

Vegetarian Moroccan Tagine With Chickpeas

Moroccan Tagine

A Tagine is a traditional Moroccan cooking vessel that used to be made of clay, but today is often made of ceramics or cast iron. It consists of a bottom in the shape of a bowl and a matching lid in a conical shape, at the top of which is the so-called vapor barrier. Many … Read more

Traditional Christmas Cookies – Easy Recipes

christmas cookies

Year after year… A few weeks before Christmas in most households, the hype for baking cookies takes over. We all bake Christmas cookies en masse. Also, I’m obsessed with baking traditional cookies. As a small child, year after year, I stood in the kitchen with my mother and cut out my cookies. This is what … Read more

Yule Log Cake

yule log cake with cream filling

I love Christmas! Its a good time and a good excuse to do a lot of baking. What I love the most is to try out new recipes and experiment around with them. This year I wanted to try out something that was fancy but still able to fit in your belly after a heavy … Read more

Linzer Torte

linzer torte

Today I started with my Christmas baking. The first go was a Linzer Torte. Linzer Torte is a must for Christmas in our family. It was my late Mom’s specialty. No one could bake Linzer Torte as she could and her Linzer Torte was famous even in the South Pacific. Since Mom’s passing, it is … Read more