How Much Sugar A Day Is Too Much?

how much sugar a day is too much

The craving for sweets is in our genes – that’s fine in small quantities. But on average people in the industrialized¬†world, consume about four times the recommended amount of sugar per day. But how much sugar a day is too much? High sugar consumption is not only bad for our weight it is also one … Read more

Does Alcohol Cook Out Of Food?

does alcohol cook out of food

Adding a bit of sherry or wine to a gravy or a stew may benefit the flavor of the dish. Boiling lets the alcohol evaporate into the air only the flavors of the ingredient are retained. So does alcohol cook out of food? Unfortunately, this is not always the case.¬†Especially not if the alcohol is … Read more

Why Is Too Much Salt Bad For You?

himalayan unrefined salt, is too much salt bad for you

Every year millions of people die because they consume too much salt. Too much salt is the main cause of high blood pressure and blood pressure-related non-communicable diseases.¬† The problem is not you putting too much salt on your breakfast egg, the problem is the food industry and processed food. The salt hides in it … Read more

Which Cooking Oil Is Best For You?

which cooking oil is best for you

When searing a cut of meat to give it some roast flavors before it goes into the slow cooker, it can get quite hot in the pan. Not all cooking oils can withstand high temperatures equally good. When oil overheats it loses taste as its ingredients oxidize and disintegrate. As a result, dangerous toxic substances … Read more

Is Teflon Bad For You? Non-Stick Coated Cookware

non-stick coating, is teflon bad for you

Teflon is found in every household. The advantages of Teflon coated cookware are obvious: They are usually cheap to make and much easier to clean than uncoated cookware. But those non-stick coatings can also have a negative side when not used properly. So, when is Teflon bad for you? What is Teflon? Teflon is actually … Read more

How Safe Is A Slow cooker?

food safety, how safe is a slow cooker

Slow cooking brings out the best flavors of the food. But the low temperature of 165 to 200 degrees Fahrenheit requires cooking time to be considerably longer than traditional roasting or cooking at higher temperatures. A good quality slow cooker is what you need for this purpose, but: how safe is a slow cooker? The … Read more