Ice Cream – What Is Brain Freeze?

ice cream can cause brain freeze

Everyone knows how a brain freeze feels like. You’re enjoying a nice big scoop of Ice Cream or jugged a nice cold drink and all of a sudden you receive a short and intense pain behind your forehead and your temples. However, your brain is not actually freezing. It really has to do with what … Read more

Vetables That Are High In Protein

Vetables That Are High In Protein

When you think of protein, does a picture of a hot, juicy steak come to mind? Many people think protein is abundant only in meat and dairy products – and anything from the veggie family is a sadly lacking in muscle-building protein. But there’s good news for veggie lovers. If you’re looking for vegetarian protein, … Read more

15 Tips That Will Help You Go From Fat to Fit

from fat to fit

You’ve tried a million different diets, and the number on the scale still won’t budge. You’re frustrated, depressed, and ready to give in to the fact that you’ll always be overweight. Well, I’m about to let you in on 15 principles that separate fit people from those who perpetually struggle with extra weight. Incorporate the … Read more

3 Budget Cuts of Meat

It seems like these days everybody is pinching pennies, and while many people are enjoying the convenience of eating out less, the kitchen is still a mystical place for many, and one that overwhelms them while trying to prepare meals for their families. The kitchen, however, does not need to be the forbidden ground that … Read more

Thanksgiving Dinner for Vegetarians

vegan dish squash

A Thanksgiving dinner will not be complete without the stuffed turkey sitting right in the middle of the dinner table. Everybody just loves its juicy meat and the delicious stuffing, right? But sometimes, especially these days, not nearly everybody enjoys the main dish because an increasing number of health buffs are turning their backs on … Read more

Intensely Flavorful, Secretly Harvested Truffles


Truffles are sought out and revered as an ingredient in many foods because of their intense flavor. Truffles transform simple fare such as pasta, eggs or bread to gourmet delights. As with so many ingredients, fresh is always best. Choose truffles that are firm to the touch. Black truffles should be black inside and out. … Read more

Turmeric – What Is Turmeric Used For?

what is turmeric

While the western world is only just discovering the wonders of turmeric, many Asian communities have lauded its outstanding properties for thousands of years and continue to use it in culinary and cultural applications, as well as in traditional medicine. Where Does Turmeric grow Native to tropical regions, the Turmeric (Curcuma longa) is a flowering … Read more

Instant Pot DUO60, the most popular multi cooker

Instant Pot DUO60 the most popular multi-purpose cookers

Do you like appliances that you can use for multiple processes? Out of the many multi-purpose cookers, the Instant Pot DUO60 is one of the best sellers in the market today. It is made by “Instant Pot” a reputable brand that is of Canadian origin and they specialize in producing multi-purpose cookers. Instant Pot DUO60 … Read more

Multi Cooker vs Slow Cooker, Whats The Difference?

Best Slow Cooker

Today, everyone is clamoring for food that is healthy and homemade. We want our meals to look and taste good as well as them being healthy, nutritious and serve whatever diet we are on. Most of us are not professional chefs, and so our daily lives consist of going to a non-cooking job and working … Read more