Slow Cooker With Latching Lid

BLACK+DECKER SCD4007 Review, black and decker slow cooker

If you have ever had to transport a slow cooker filled with a delicious dish to a potluck or a birthday party, you know the problem: if you are not super careful, something will spill out of the pot or the lid will come off completely. But that doesn’t have to happen if you use … Read more

Why Brown Meat Before Slow Cooking?

To brown meat before slow cooking is a much-debated question among the slow cooker community. Some folks swear by it and are convinced that searing meat is a must, others just consider it unnecessary extra work. After all slow cooking should make preparing a meal easy. Fact is when searing meat at high temperatures it … Read more

Ice Cream – What Is Brain Freeze?

ice cream can cause brain freeze

Everyone knows how a brain freeze feels like. You’re enjoying a nice big scoop of Ice Cream or jugged a nice cold drink and all of a sudden you receive a short and intense pain behind your forehead and your temples. However, your brain is not actually freezing. It really has to do with what … Read more

Oil For High Heat Cooking And Frying

deep fry high heat cooking

Not every vegetable oil is suitable for high heat cooking. You have to pay attention to some of the oils’ specific properties when heating it, otherwise, chemical reactions occur and can create harmful compounds. Which oil is best for high heat cooking depends on the smoke point. This indicates the temperature at which the oil … Read more

Pesticide Residues in Cooking Oil

Cooking oils extracted from several oilseed crops are an important source of human nutrition. They are rich in saturated and unsaturated fatty acids, antioxidants, and several other fat-soluble vitamins. Therefore, these oils are widely used for cooking and processing in the food industry. Do cooking oils contain pesticide residues? Synthetic pesticides are widely used to … Read more

How To Make Steak Tender – Cook The Perfect Steak

perfect steak how to make steak tender

To cook the perfect steak might not seem very complicated: briefly sear it, sizzle a little, let it rest for a while, then serve it. Unfortunately, it is not like that! Even the best piece of meat can be ruined too quickly by improper cooking. The individual cooking steps are critical to the consistency and … Read more

How Long To Cook Asparagus?

how long to grill asparagus

Green Asparagus is a healthy fibrous vegetable that goes well with many other dishes. It is easy to prepare and quite simple to cook. But how long does it take for asparagus to cook? It is also a question of taste how long to cook asparagus, as it depends on the cooking time whether asparagus … Read more

Vetables That Are High In Protein

Vetables That Are High In Protein

When you think of protein, does a picture of a hot, juicy steak come to mind? Many people think protein is abundant only in meat and dairy products – and anything from the veggie family is a sadly lacking in muscle-building protein. But there’s good news for veggie lovers. If you’re looking for vegetarian protein, … Read more

15 Tips That Will Help You Go From Fat to Fit

from fat to fit

You’ve tried a million different diets, and the number on the scale still won’t budge. You’re frustrated, depressed, and ready to give in to the fact that you’ll always be overweight. Well, I’m about to let you in on 15 principles that separate fit people from those who perpetually struggle with extra weight. Incorporate the … Read more

Too Much Food Waste

bear after food waste

Food waste refers to the amount of food which is thrown away or lost between production and consumption. The waste of food is a major ethical problem because nearly 1 billion people worldwide do not have enough food to eat. Additionally, it causes environmental pollution and destruction through the use of fertilizers and crop protection. … Read more