Hearty Vegan Lentil Soup

vegan lentil soup

Winter is the time for comfort food, what’s better than a warming soup. Everyone likes lentils. A bowl of flavorful, hearty vegan lentil soup is easy and quick to make and will be enjoyed by the whole family. I make sure that all the ingredients are vegan, but adding frankfurter sausages will also delight non-vegans. … Read more

What Is Veganuary All About?


This year I come across the mysterious term “Veganuary” in magazines, journals, and publications. I got curious. What is Veganuary and what is it all about? It was time to do more research. What does ‘Veganuary’ mean? In the word “Veganuary”, the word ‘January’ is mixed with the word ‘Vegan’. Founded by Jane Land and … Read more

Vegetable Balls With Cream Sauce

I ate way too much meat for my feelings during the Christmas days. Recently I came across a campaign in a magazine: “Make January a Veganuary”. What a great idea I thought and I immediately set about implementing it. So I not only do something for my health but also make a small contribution to … Read more

Christmas Stollen – A Traditional Christmas Cake

christmas stollen

Only a few weeks until Christmas left. It is time to bake German Christmas stollen. Stollen is a loaf made from a heavy yeast dough that is baked all year round and there are many different types. The shape is reminiscent of a ‘Stollen’ (= Old German for boundary stone or post). The best known … Read more

A Climate Friendly Diet

I am sure you had thoughts on how you can reduce your carbon footprint. With a climate-friendly diet, consisting of seasonal vegetables you can do something for our climate.¬† A climate-friendly diet is not only a healthy diet but being more conscious about, what you cook can help to save the future of our planet. … Read more

How To Make Homemade Jam

homemade jam

For many years, summer and autumn were the classic canning time, to preserve the harvested fruits of the warm season for the cold winter month. Today, however, making your own jams has acquired a completely new status and is done throughout the year. But how do you make homemade jam? Every season brings out its … Read more

Red Currant Jelly

Red Currant Jelly

While strawberries, raspberry, blackberry, apricot, and blueberry are the most popular fruits for homemade jams, sour fruits such as lemons, sour cherries or red currants are particularly suitable for fruity fresh homemade jelly. The already high fruit acid content not only depends on the different varieties but is also influenced by the annual fluctuating weather … Read more

Mirabelle-Vanilla Jam

Recently, while strolling through the woods, I discovered a wild Mirabelle tree loaded with ripe, golden fruit. I ate as much as I could and decided to come back the next day with a container to collect more Mirabelle to cook a very tasty jam. I thought about what special note I could add to … Read more

Garden Asparagus with Tuna Steak and Red Potatoes

Today I decided to cook another favorite of mine: Garden asparagus with tuna steak and potatoes.¬†This recipe is simple. The meal is fast to prepare easily digestible and most important: it tastes so good. This combination is just the perfect lunch on a spring Sunday. What do you need for: ‘Garden Asparagus with Tuna Steak … Read more

Rhubarb Pie With Sour Cream Topping

Rhubarb Pie

And there is another highlight for me in springtime: Rhubarb Pie. I just can’t get enough of the pie. You will find a lot of variations, Rhubarb pie with crumb topping, Rhubarb pie with meringue or Rhubarb pie covered with a pastry crust. But my all-time favorite is Rhubarb pie with a sour cream topping. … Read more