Who writes here?

Hi, I am Sheena,

I have a passion for cooking and baking, as well as for science and conservation. My blog is about recipes and delicious dishes, and the science behind food and its production.

I’m an Ecosystem Scientist that has drifted into Food Science.

Where I grew up, on the Pacific islands, I learned to eat pretty much anything there. On the islands, you could do that without feeling bad. The seafood was caught by local fishermen. Vegetables and fruits came from the jungle or were harvested on the plantations of local farmers.

Today I mainly eat vegan. That’s mainly because of factory farming and the very destructive meat production. However, I am not a complete vegan, but if I eat meat then it must have been caught or hunted in the wild or raised on animal-friendly farms.

My bachelor’s degree included the study of biosciences with a focus on the molecular functions of biological and ecological processes. Applying this knowledge to the ecosystems and agricultural systems aims to protect them and produce food in a more sustainable way.

In 2021 I finished my masters in International Food Business, with a focus on sustainable agricultural sciences and food production. This involved all aspects of the food industry, supply chains, trade and agriculture, sustainable food production, and healthy organic nutrition in order to develop new food products and related services according to the needs of consumers.

The long time at the university was quite an eye opener and made me eat more responsibly, and healthier and pay a lot of attention to where food comes from and how it’s made.

Professionally I am now also involved with sustainable food supply and the transition from a more conventional to a less destructive way of sourcing our food.

Cooking and baking have become my hobbies in recent years.

This is also thanks to my mum, Andrea who has always seen that we cook and eat together as a family.

Living in exotic places has always inspired her to try out new dishes and experiment with new ingredients.

Andrea has contributed to many of the recipes on this site and is regularly writing posts.